Kharidar Third Paper (Social Studies and Office Practices) 2074

Public Service Commision Nepal
Kharidar Third Paper (Social Studies and Office Practices) 2074
Non Gazetted Second Class,

Third Paper

Social Studies and Office Practices


Section A
Short Questions:

1. Briefly describe the impact of geographical environment in Nepalese livelihood.
2. Briefly explain the importance and basis of political division of Nepal.
3. Briefly present an introductory remark on Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track.
4. State what are the possible remedies to eliminate the major social evils in the context of Nepal.
5. What can be done to create employment opportunities in Nepal to stop youths from going abroad. Explain your views.
6. Is there is any necessary of conflict to build the good society or not? Justify with your answer.

Long Questions:

7. Mention the strength and weakness of federal governance system?

Section B
Short Question:

8. Explain the role of government, private sector and social organizations for the environmental management?
9. What is alcoholism? What are its effects in society?
10. How many types of climate are found in Nepal? Explain it.
11. Briefly highlight the importance and need of the National Health Insurance Program recently introduced by the Government of Nepal.

Long Question:
12. Critically examine the reasons behind the gradual decline of the population growth rae in Nepal in recent years. Also describe teh potential positive and negative effects of such situation in Nepal's social and economic sectors.

Section C
Short Questions:

13. Why is the registration (Darta) and processing (Chalani) of documents required in organization?
14. What do you mean by performance audit? Describe the use of performance audit in Nepalese organization?
15. Mention the various steps of budget formulation in the context of Nepal.
16. Explain the importance of office management and information technology in public service delivery.

Long Question:
17. Mentioning the departmental actions liable for civil service personnel. Write about the procedures required to be completed before special departmental action against the civil service personnel.

--- The End ---
Check the scanned copy of this paper here:  Kharidar Third Paper 2074

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