Typing Nepali Unicode Tips And Convert Preeti To Unicode

Nepali Unicode is the today's requirement for all Nepalese. Nepali Unicode is used to type documents in government offices and any many private sectors too. Also Nepali Unicode is useful to post your articles on social media or web sites because Preeti fonts are not works on web sites and social medias.

Typing Nepali Unicode And Convert Preeti To Unicode

How To Type Nepali Unicode 

1. Romanized Nepali Unicode

Romanized Nepali Unicode is typed based on the Nepali words spelling on English alphabates. Like as we learned in nursary classes, Ka क Kha ख Ga ग. In this Nepali Unicode is typed as pronunciations of Nepali worlds in English letter.

For Example:
To Type: मेरो देश नेपाल हो ।
Romanized: Mero Desh Nepal Ho .

Here is the Keyboard Layout of Romanized Nepali Unicode
Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layout - Romanized

2. Traditional Nepali Unicode

Traditional Nepali Unicode is based on the traditional method of Nepali font typing. Most popular font is Preeti, on this we use बकमानजवपसि format keyboard layout. So most of the letters of keystrokes are same as on Preet Font Keyboard Layout. But only some keystrokes are changed. And little bit typing style is changed. Like to type किसान while on Preeti we type ि first then only we type क to make कि but in Traditional Nepali Unicode, we have to type first क then only type ि to make कि. So its little bit changes in typing style but anyone good in Preeti can upgrade to Nepali Unicode very fast.

For more easy to learn typing Nepali Unicode watch video below.

Here is the Keyboard Layout of Traditional Nepali Unicode

Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layout - Traditional

Important Typing Procedure of Some Complex Words:

Typing method of Nepali Unicode - For Traditional

Typing method of Nepali Unicode - For Traditional

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  1. I tried "mero desh Nepal ho" but desh spelling is incorrect in nepali in Romanized Unicode, I was familiar with Traditional but need to learn Romanized, too difficult.

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