Download Free Tools

Here we are providing the links for download various tools that may help you on your daily works. These software are i got from various website and it is not used for resell or any other way that conflicts laws. I am just listing out these links to help all the viewers of my site to get reach out easily on those tools that may need them and save some time on searching on various websites for download.

Some Useful Tools

ZoomIT Download Free Tools

This tool is useful to make zoom in or zoom out our screens. Also can use to draw any drawings on screens and type text on screen temporarily. Mostly this tool is used for these features while recording screen. This tool is compatible for all types of screen recorder.

Lightshot Prnt Scr Download Free Tools
Prnt Scr

This tool is useful to take screenshots on your computer. It works in all operating systems: Windows, Linux and also available for google chrome add-on. It is very light and very easy to use. You can select required area of your screen only which you want to screenshot. And you can either save it as picture or just copy it and paste where you requires. You can also direct upload to free server and send or post the link of your screenshot.

Typeshala download free tools

Typeshala is a dual language typing practice tool. Which offers two languages English and Devanagarik Script - Nepali. There is various labels of typing practice. By which we can practice our typing speed very easily. Along with this there is also a free hand typing and entertains tools for making much fun ad entertain while practicing the typing skill. You can download this tool on free. here is two version: install-able and portable.