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    Data Entry Operators Wanted - 176 Post Vacancies Open For Nepal Government

    Government of Nepal, Home Ministry, National Identity Card And Record Keeping Department announced a lot of vacancies for the post Data Entry Operators on contract basis. To provide National ID cards for all Nepalese citizens, government of Nepal going to start mobile service to collect the data from several districts. For this purpose government of Nepal required a lot of numbers of data entry operators. 

    Vacancies Details:

    First Time Vacancy Published Date: 2077/04/14 B.S.
    Applying Date: Up to 15 days from the First Vacancy Publish Date
    Submit To: Respective District's District Administration Office

    All the interested qualified Nepalese citizens can apply for the post. The required minimum qualifications, required documents, examination schedules and more details working areas are attached below.

    Data Entry Operators - 176 Post Vacancies Open For Nepal Government

    Data Entry Operators - 176 Post Vacancies Open For Nepal Government


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