IT Assistant Job Vacancy for Multinational Company Full Time Day and Night Shifts

IT Assistant Full Time Job Vacancy

The well known multinational company Cloud Factory Nepal announced big opportunities for post IT Assistant for Day and Night Shifts Full Time. Interested candidates can apply online.

IT Assistant Job Vacancy for Multinational Company Full Time Day and Night Shifts

IT Assistant - Requirements:
  • Have Network+ or A+ Certification Skill. 
  • Capable to Available to solve errors even beyond office hours or on weekends.
  • Good knowledge to handle various devices like switches, routers, firewalls of various brands.
  • Have knowledge about Google server and applications.

IT Assistant - Required Experience:

You should have minimum one year of working experience on related filed of network designing and developments. Candidates with degree of Information Technologies are given preference.

IT Assistant - Benefits Given:
  • Attractive Salary
  • Lunch & Snacks Provided Monday-Friday
  • Phone Allowance and/or Internet Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Provident Fund
  • Festival Bonus
  • Health Spending Account
  • Medical Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Amazing Company Mission and Culture
  • Growth Opportunities

IT Assistant - Responsibilities:

The main responsibility of an IT Assistant is to assist and get maintain all the operations of company for work experience smooth. The major responsibilities are as follow:

  1. Installing and configuring computer hardware, network devices, operating systems and applications
  2. Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades and software updates
  3. Investigating, diagnosing and solving issues related to software and hardware
  4. Repairing equipment and replacing parts
  5. Helping create and implement processes to ensure efficient as well as cost effective IT support service
  6. Maintaining records of software licences
  7. Managing inventory of ICT equipment, consumable ICT devices and other related supplies
  8. Assisting with network restructuring as needed
  9. Ensuring smooth operations of network and internet at all times including weekends and holidays
  10. Leading IT support function
  11. Implementing and monitoring of IT policies as well as keeping them updated through periodic reviews.
  12. Consulting users to ascertaining appropriate computer specifications and ensure they meet user requirements.
  13. Training of users on proper use of ICT resources.
  14. Registering and updating access control
  15. Ensuring adherence to software licensing requirements
  16. Maintaining secure network access for remote users.
  17. Staying up-to-date with latest tech

IT Assistant - Apply Now:
For apply for this post online click on this link: Apply Online - IT Assistant

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