Section Officer Exam 2074 - Third Paper (Contemporary Issues)

Public Service Commission Nepal

Gazetted Third Class, Section Officer
Date: 2074/12/26

Third Paper
Contemporary Issues

Section - A

  1. Give explanatory description of different forms of organized crime. How the money laundering activity is contributing to such crime? Throw light on existing national legal framework to combat such crime in Nepal.
  2. Give a brief introduction of the cultural diversity of Nepal. What would be the effective programs to save and promote the cultural diversity of Nepal.
  3. Critically examine the population policy of Government of Nepal.

Section - B
  1. Introducing the partnership between public and private sector and suggest what must be done to make it's usage effective in Nepal?
  2. What are the approaches of economic diplomacy internalized by Nepal's foreign policy? How Nepalese diplomatic mission abroad are implementing economic diplomacy to contribute in mobilizing international development cooperation? Explain.
Section - C
  1. Critically examine some major natural resources and pattern of their use in the context of sustainable development in Nepal.
  2. "Local self-governance is the fundamental base of political system and development." State.
  3. What do you understand by globalization? Analyze the role played by globalization in the economic development of the developing nation like Nepal.
Section - D
  1. What is renewable energy? Also describe the main sources of renewable energy in Nepal. To what extent those sources are utilized in Nepal to address energy crisis? Give your own assessment.
  2. Write short note on the following:
            a.      Bio - Diversity
            b.      Waste Management
            c.       Carbon Trade

--- The  End --

Check Snapped Copy of Exam Paper: Section Officer 3rd Paper

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