Computer Operator Exam Paper 2075/02/08 with Correct Answer

Recent Question Paper For the post Computer Operator,  Non-Gazzetted First Class held on 2075-02-08 B.S. by Public Service Commission Nepal (Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal) is below with its correct answers. You can check your result yourself. As previous competition assumption, for get merit for practical and interview test, you must cross min 45 marks out of 50 marks. So wish you all the best.

Public Service Commission Nepal
Computer Operator Exam Paper 2075/02/08 with Correct Answer

Non Gazzetted First Class (Technical)
Computer Operator

1. Bullet mark in most web browsers are ……………… list.
a. ordered           b. linked list        c. unordered list               d. definition list
Ans: c. unordered list

2. Which of the following is not a pair tag?
a. <p>                   b. <U>                  c. <i>                     d. <img>
Ans: d. <img>

3. Which of the following tag is not used for creating a table in HTML.
a. <tr>                   b. <tl>                   c. <td>                  d. <th>
Ans: b. <tl>

4. Which of the following shortcut key combination is used to insert a new slide in current presentation?
a. Ctrl+N                              b. Ctrl+M                             c. Ctr+Y                 d. Ctrl+K
Ans: b. Ctrl+M

5. View and edit the timeline of animation of the slide can be performed using
a. Preview                           b. Animation pane                           c. Slide Show                      d. All of the above
Ans: b. Animation pane

6. Objects on the slide that hold text are called
a. place holders                                b. text holders                  c. object holders                              d. box
Ans: a. place holders

7. The columns of a table that points to the primary key of another table are called
a. Super key                       b. Composite key                             c. Foreign key                    d. Primary key
Ans: c. Foreign key

8. What is the name of the form used to input chart values?
a. Datasheet      b. Microsoft excel            c. Microsoft graph           d. Auto Form
Ans: a. Datasheet

9. Which action will optimize your database performance?
a. Set the record set type to snapshot                    b. Use the compact and repair database tool
c. Create a replica of the database                           d. All of the above
Ans: b. Use the compact and repair database tool

10. Which of the following is NOT part of Microsoft Access Database object?
a. Table                                b. Form                                c. Worksheets                   d. Modules
Ans: c. Worksheets

11. We can choose data types for attributes of a table in
a. Normal view                  b. Datasheet view           c. Designer view               d. All of the above
Ans: c. Designer view

12. Paste special allows some operation while you paste to new cell. Which of the following operation is valid?
a. Square             b. Percentage    c. Goal Seek       d. Divide
Ans: d. divide

13. In MS-Excel default header for a worksheet is
a. Name of the document            b. Data and time               c. Page number                      d. None of the above
Ans: d. none of the above

14. Which of the following features is used to arrange the records in a data source before merging?
a. Filter                 b. Match fields                  c. Sort                   d. Auto check for errors
Ans: c. Sort

15. Which function allows user to repeat certain rows and column on each page?
a.    PRINT ROW and COLUN        b. PRINT REPEAT              c. PRINT HEADER              d. PRINNT TILE

16. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range?
a. F4                       b. F6                      c. F8                       d. F11
Ans: d. F11

17. Which of the following is not a MS-Excel built in function?
a. PI                       b. AVG                  c. RAND                                d. RANDBETWEEN
Ans: b. AVG

18. Which of the following chart types is not available in excel?
a. Radar Chart                    b. Gantt Chart                   c. Combo Chart                 d. Bubble Chart
Ans: b. Gantt Chart

19. What is the order of operation in the excel sheet?
a. Exponent, enclosed in parenthesis, division/multiplication, subtraction/addition
b. Enclosed in parenthesis, ecponent, subtraction/addition, division/multiplication
c. Exponent, Enclosed in parenthesis, subtraction/addition, division/multiplication
d. Enclosed in parenthesis, exponent, division/multiplication, subtraction/addition
Ans: d. Enclosed in parenthesis, exponent, division/multiplication, subtraction/addition

20. To align a text in multiple lines in a cell of excel which of the following option is used?
a. Merge Cell     b. Shrink Cell      c. Wrap Cell        d. Double Cell
Ans: c. Wrap Cell

21. Excel file cannot be exported to ……………… format
a. DOC                  b. CSV                   c. XML                   d. HTML
Ans: a. DOC

22. Which is not the type of indent available in MS-Word?
a. Right indent                   b. Left indent                     c. Center indent                               d. Hanging indent
Ans: c. Center indent

23. What is maximum time that you can set to save auto recovery information in MS Word document?
a. 30 minutes                     b. 60 minutes                     c. 90 minutes                     d. 120 minutes
Ans: d. 120 minutes

24. Thesaurus tool in MS word is useful to find
a. Synonyms and antonyms words                           b. grammar options
c. Spelling suggestions                                                   d. All of the above
Ans: a. Synonyms and antonyms words

25. Which of the following is not paragraph formatting?
a. Indentation                   b. Spacing                            c. Editing                              d. Alignment
Ans: c. Editing

26. What is the maximum number of lines you can set for a drop cap?
a. 3                         b. 10                      c. 15                       d. 20
Ans: b. 10

27. The maximum number of columns in a table of word document is:
a. 65                       b. 64                      c. 63                       d. 62
Ans: c. 63

28. The default top margin in a word document is:
a. 2.58cm                             b. 2.54cm                             c. 3.12cm                             d. 2.60cm
Ans: b. 2.54cm

29. Command for creating hyperlink in word processor is:
a. Ctrl+H                               b. Ctrl+K                               c. Ctrl+L                                d. Ctrl+I
Ans: b. Ctrl+K

30. The clipboard is
a. used to temporarily store items that has been cut or copied
b. Cache memory
c. Feature that stores user information
d. feature that saves file temporarily
Ans: a. used to temporarily store items that has been cut or copied

31. Which of the following is not available in font spacing?
a. Normal            b. wide                 c. Expanded                       d. Condensed
Ans: b. Wide

32. Where are the upper memory blocks located?
a. Conventional Memory                                                              b. Extended Memory
c. Expanded Memory                                                                     d. Reserved Memory
Ans: d. Reserved Memory

33. Which DOS command allows you to compress existing disks and to create new compressed volumes?
a. DEFRAG                           b. DBLSPACE                      c. SCANDISK                       d. MSAV

34. You suspect a virus has entered your computer. What will not be affected by the virus?
a. CMOS               b. Boot Sector                   c. Floppy Disks                   d. Program files
Ans: a. CMOS

35. CHKDSK can be used to find
a. Disk's bad sector          b. Occupied sector          c. Free space                      d. All of the above
Ans: d. All of the above

36. Most operating system run in
a. Kernel                              b. User                 c. Application                     d. Both A and B
Ans: a. Kernel

37. The simultaneous execution of two or more instruction is called
a. sequential access                                        b. reduced instruction set computing
c. multiprocessing                                            d. none of the these
Ans: c. multiprocessing

38. Which printer can not print more than one character at a time?
a. Laser printer                  b. Dot-matrix printer      c. Line-printer                    d. Daisy-wheel printer
Ans: d. Daisy-wheel printer

39. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer systems is:
a. EFTS                  b. MPC                 c. MIPS                 D. CPS
Ans: c. MIPS

40. Simplest registers only consists of
a. counter                           b. EPROM                            c. Latch                 d. flip-flop
Ans: d. flip-flop

41. A terminal that cannot process any information is called ……………….
a. direct access terminal                                                                b. intelligent terminal
c. dumb terminal                                                              d. blind terminal
Ans: c. dumb terminal

42. Electric digital systems use signals that have circuit elements having
a. one stable state           b. two stable states        c. three stable states      d. four stable states
Ans: b. two stable states

43. The operation that adds data at the end of file is
a. increment                      b. attach                              c. append                            d. add
Ans: c. append

44. Cache memory is
a. static RAM                      b. Dynamic RAM                               c. ROM                 d. Both A and B
Ans: a. Static RAM

45. The subnet mask is primarily used for:
a. identifying host            b. identifying network        c. fragmentation         d. acknowledgement
Ans: b. identifying network

46. …………… converts high level program to machine code line by line.
a. Compiler                         b. Debugger                       c. Linker                               d. Interpreter
Ans: d. interpreter

47. What is value (in decimal) of 'a' in ASCII recantation?
a. 60                       b. 65                      c. 95                       d. 97
Ans: d. 97

48. Network used by group of different commercial bank is best categorized as
a. Internet                          b. Intranet                          c. Extranet                          d. MAN
Ans: b. Intranet

49. Which of the following device is required for connecting different networks?
a. Switch                              b. Hub                   C. Router                             d. RJ-45
Ans: c. Router

50. A computer can operate without which of the following component, if designed according?
a. Processor                       b. Memory                         C. Hard disk                        d. Input/Output
Ans: d. Input/Output

------ The End ---

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