Computer Officer Second Paper 2075 Subjective Questions

Public Service Commission of Nepal

Computer Officer Second Paper 2075 Subjective Questions
Nepal Bibidh Sewa, Gazzetted Third Class (Technical)

Computer Officer

Paper Second


Time: 1 Hr 30 Mins
Full Marks: 50

Answer should be written in individual copies according to section.

Section - A
1. Define linked list with suitable example. Write algorithm or 'c' function to implement linked list as stack and queue. (5)
2. Describe binary search algorithm with a suitable example. (5)
3.a. Write a program in C to check whether an input string is a palindrome or not. (eg. bob, abba, etc.)  (5)
3.b. Explain the main features of object-oriented programming with suitable examples. (5)

Section - B

4.a. Explain the various features of USE CASE diagram with example. (5)
4.b. Describe the important activities that are carried out during the feasibility study phase. (5)

Section - C
5.a. What are the functions of an operating system? Explain. (5)
5.b. Explain normalization of database with example up to 3rd normal form. (5)

Section - D
6.a. What are the difficulties in implementing Electronic Transaction Act? (5)
6.b. How could you suggest government to facilitate e-commerce applications to happen? Explain the required components associated for complete e-commerce life cycle. (5)

-The End-

 The scanned Copy of this paper is here: Computer Officer / IT Officer Second Paper 2075

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