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    How To Use Slide Master PowerPoint | Create Own PowerPoint Themes

    Microsoft PowerPoint is the top software for creating presentations. To make our presentation attractive and graphically enhanced we use various themes templates. In default there are some few themes template in Microsoft PowerPoint. But if you want more designs to download and install various attractive PowerPoint Theme Templates you can get it free. To know how to download and install PowerPoint Theme Templates, please check our previous post about it.

    Sometimes, the downloaded theme templates are not what we expected. And also we need to add our won business logo and formats. So, for this we have to design our PowerPoint theme templates ourselves. For this we have to use slide master of PowerPoint. By using slide master of PowerPoint we can edit any theme templates as well as we can create our own designed theme template for PowerPoint presentation.

    It is very easy to create own PowerPoint theme template using slide master PowerPoint. For your easy we have created tutorial video for this. The video is attached below. From which you will learn to use of slide master PowerPoint and easily create your own designed dedicated theme template for PowerPoint.

    Slide master PowerPoint is used to make changes as per your requirements in your presentation applied in all your slides in once. Along this we can use PowerPoint slide master to design slide layout, edit master slide, design new custom layout etc. Slide master is the main slide layout which represents all of the slides.

    How To Use Slide Master PowerPoint | Create Own PowerPoint Themes

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