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    Lean How To Use Excel Pivot Tables In Minutes

    Pivot Table is the best way to view your data of excel worksheet with varieties angle of analysis. By using Pivot Table we can analyze any data as per our requirement. So to learn how to use Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel we have a video attached below.

    Pivot Table is also very important for computer skill test on public service commission Nepal (lok sewa aayog) and other examination. So here we have step by step video tutorial about using pivot table in minutes on excel.

    Learn Pivot Tables few Minutes (Microsoft Excel) with Introduction to Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards of Microsoft Excel. By using Pivot Table in Excel you can summarize your big data contained Work Sheet to extract important reports. Here some examples in video which solves various questions related to your data by easily using pivot table.

    Lean How To Use Excel Pivot Tables In Minutes

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