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    How To Use VLOOKUP Function To Get Matched Adjacent Values In Excel

    In Microsoft Excel we have one most important function VLOOKUP. This function is used to get the value of and adjacent cells related to what we entered on on given cell.

    For example: if we have some product id and according to this product id we have various details of that product in our excel data sheet. Then if we just enter the product id in one single cell, by using vlookup function we can get extract all the details of that product into next cells where we want to get.

    Like as shown in the video attached below: while we type the Product ID as 10 we get the full details of that product on below cells like, product name as Kaju, Stock Amounts as 15 and rate of that product kaju as 500. In this way, you can use in your office or business worksheets to get respective values by using vlookup function in excel.

    To know how to use it and how to get start for apply vlookup function in excel, we have created one simple and step by step easy video tutorial in Nepali language. Even you did not understand the language that spoken in this video, you can just easily learn through video. There is step by step process for using vlookup function in ms excel.

    The video is attached below. You can watch it online at any time you preferred. And as we are doing something good to share computer skill knowledge to all around the world. We need your best support. So as your support please do subscribe our YouTube channel and like and share this video that a lot of people can able to reach out in this video too.

    In this video we will use VLOOKUP Function to search given data in targeted region of excel work and get the matched adjacent cell values in return. Like if we entered the Product ID then using VLOOKUP Function we can get back all the details of Product like: 
    Product Name, Stock Quantity, Rate etc. 

    How To Use VLOOKUP Function To Get Matched Adjacent Values In Excel

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