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    How To Use Microsoft Excel Goal Seek Function In Simple Steps

    Sometime we need to find out the required value to get our target. Like to achieve your yearly target to earn one millions dollars how much sell you need to have? To get ideas about this type of goal values in Microsoft Excel we have a function called Goal Seek.

    By using this great feature of Microsoft Excel, we can easily find out through mathematical calculations in excel. Just set which value you want to make same as your target and give the variable field where you need to changes to get your goal.

    It is very easy to use. For your convince we have a step by step very simple and easy tutorial in video. By watching the video you can understand what is the Goal Seek and How To Use It in Microsoft Excel.

    Goal Seek is used to find out required value to get your target of your monthly business or other. This is the best function of Microsoft Excel that helps to calculated your total amount to achieve your goal of monthly or yearly target that you set.

    The full video is attached below. Please watch it and its my humble request to all to subscribe my YouTube Channel to get touch with us and get notified each video published on YouTube Channel.

    How To Use Microsoft Excel Goal Seek Function In Simple Steps

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