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    How To Subtract Dates In Excel And Calculate Number of Year, Month And Days

    When you work with dates in Microsoft Excel, I am sure you probably some queries about how to subtract dates as your requirements. On default while subtract dates in excel it just gives in days in return. But in various conditions we required the subtracted dates in various forms, like years, months and days.

    For example while we calculating age with details in excel by subtracting today's date with date of birth of that person whom we are going to calculate age and we want the result fully detailed, like 33 years 6 months and 20 days. For this purpose we can use very easy and simple single formula in excel. We have full step by step tutorial in the video that attached below.

    In this video we will learn how to subtract dates in excel. Subtract date and time in excel is very easy. Excel formula to subtract dates is very simple that anyone can understand and use it. In excel subtract days from date by just simple step. Subtract days in excel and excel today minus date is mostly used. 

    To subtract two dates and find out difference between two dates in terms of Years, Months And Days individually. And by this method we can create Age Calculator with showing full age (year, month and days old) up to today.

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