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    How To Create Searchable Drop Down List In Excel Cell

    While using Microsoft Excel in various formats we need to add drop down list to able to search and choose values for that cell. Like if we created any forms we mostly needs drop down list. By using drop down list in excel cell we can make the value of single cell variable. 

    By this we can display our result according to what value is chosen in drop down list. For example if we have one drop down list for gender. Where we have three values: Male, Female and Other. Then we can use formula with if condition that if gender is chosen as male, we can make one result and similarly if gender is chosen as female we can make our output as other way.

    So, to learn everybody very easily with step by step process, we have a video tutorial about creating searchable drop down list in excel. The video is attached below. You can watch this video online from this post or through YouTube. We have a YouTube channel titled: Tutor Pratik, Its our humble request to subscribe our YouTube Channel to get notified our daily new informative videos.

    Through this attached video below you will earn how to make searchable drop down list in any cell of Microsoft Excel. On excel drop down list you can type yourself options for list if you have few options for select. But if you have a lot of options need to listed in drop down list, then you can type all the required options in any column of excel sheet and then we can give the 
     range of that list to show in drop down list.

    How To Create Searchable Drop Down List In Excel Cell

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