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    How To Add Facebook Page Popup Light Box On Website | Blogger

    The best way to get connected with your viewer through social media is Facebook Fan Page. So, almost all we had created Facebook fan page of our business or profession. And also we have our website to give information to our viewers. So if you want to add your Facebook page like box on you website that your website visitors get connected on you Facebook page. Then adding popup light box into your website is one of the best idea to grow your Facebook page likes.

    To know how to add Facebook Popup into your website specially for blogger, we created one tutorial video about this. And also for your easy we are giving your free script to download that needs to create Facebook Popup into your website.

    Just get download the script, the download link is below. And then replace your Facebook Page address on that script as directed on the tutorial video which is attached below. And do the step by step process as per the tutorial video. It is very easy to do, just in minutes you can add your Facebook Poupup into your website.

    To add Facebook fan page popup light box on your website hosted in blogger we have very easy step by step methods with best designed script for Facebook popup like box. You will learn how to add Facebook page plugin for any website. The given script for Facebook popup like box widget for blogger.

    How To Add Facebook Page Popup Light Box On Website | Blogger

    Download Facebook Page Popup Widget Script

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