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    Age Problems Tricks And Shortcuts | IQ Tutorial In Nepali

    Age related problems are one of the most important question for IQ test in various exams like Lok Sewa Aayog. We almost all done these kind of problems in our school time. But now, for IQ test, we have to solve these age problems very fast, in just few seconds. 

    But the process we learned in our school time are very long and its based on procedural to get scores in our subjective examination papers. So, for Lok Sewa Aayog like IQ test exams we have to solve this type of age problems in 5-10 sec.

    It possible to do age problems in few seconds by using tricks and shortcuts which we are going to learn today. For super short trick to solve age problems tricks and shortcuts we have on tutorial video that is attached below. 

    By this video we will learn age problems tricks and shortcuts for fast age problem solving. This tutorial is for all problem on ages short tricks. This method is the shortcuts for solving problems on ages. We will use shortest method trick to solve any kind of problems on ages. By this trick you can solve any multiple choice age related problems in around 5-10 seconds.

    Age Problems Tricks And Shortcuts | IQ Tutorial In Nepali

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