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    Step By Step Process To Mail Merge In Microsoft Word Using Word Table And Excel Data

    Mail Merge In Microsoft Word is the most useful and frequently using tool for offices or business. We can generate multiple letters entitled to respective receptions as listed in our data in just few clicks. We can use list of data in itself Microsoft Word Table or Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.  

    On start, lets know what is Mail Merge?
    Mail Merge is the function of Microsoft Word by which any single format of letter can be populate into multiple along with inserting individual respective given data values of connected database. In short, populating mail into multiple using database.

    Minimum Requirements For Mail Merge
    For complete mail merge process in Microsoft Word, there are few things to be ready as minimum requirement before start mail merge. They are as follows:
    • Database: It can be Table data of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel Work Sheet, Microsoft Access Database.
    • Main Letter: This is main format of letter which will be populate into multiple.

    Step By Step Process of Mail Merge
    1. On main letter, Go to Mailings tab,
    2. Click Start Mail Merge
    3. Choose Letter
    4. Click Select Recipients
    5. Choose Use Existing List
    6. Choose your Excel Data Sheet or Word Table Data File
    7. Then on required place of main letter, insert required field by click Insert Merged Field and Choose required respective fields.
    8. Finally, click Finish and Merge.
    9. Choose either print merged letters if you want direct print, Or
    10. Choose Edit Merged Letter to further edits and save it.
    Full detailed process is explained with live word in the video below:

    Step By Step Process To Mail Merge In Microsoft Word Using Word

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