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    Lock Individual Cells And Protect Excel Worksheet

    You can lock your excel cells and protect excel worksheet to secure from unwanted user and secure formulas to be deleted or edited. Its very easy to protect excel worksheet and lock cells that are not for enter data or edit or deleted. You can unlock only those cells that user have to enter data or make some changes.

    Also it is very important, when you develop any format on excel and give to clients to use them. But as excel is being open source, if the client unknowingly deleted the formulas that you integrated on cell. Or done some mistakes on your format in that cell where clients should not be use. On that condition this feature is very useful. You can lock all the cells that are not need to use by clients, like formula cells. Only the cell where clients need to enter data are keep unlock and remaining cells make locked with sheet protected. Then the above mentioned problem will never happens.

    So, it is very easy and as simple as you can't believe. Just check below the video of live tutorial for lock cells & protect sheet in Microsoft Excel.

    Lock Individual Cells And Protect Excel Worksheet

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