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    How To Solve Harswa Dirgha Ukar And Half First Letter Problem in MS Word

    "Nepali typing is not so easy as typing English." But if you do little bit hardwork and practice a little, i am sure your statement will be changed like: "Nepali typing is not so hard as we think, Now i feel its more easier than English." Yes, practice makes man perfect. If you do practice then nothing will be hard for you.

    But yes, sometimes due to some errors we feel bad while typing nepali. Like Harswa Dirgha Ukar problems, being half letter of first sentence problem . These problems are mostly facing most of the nepali typers.

    But don't be worry, if you are facing the Ukaar Problem (कु खु गु) while typing nepali - preeti fonts, pcs nepali fonts. There is very easy and simple solution to fix it. As well as also you may be facing another problem of half letter on first sentence. Here is the easy step by step solution to fix it. Along with this solution, there is also some extra tips to make more easir your typing experience. Like ust type some first few letters and automatically changed the big words that you want to type instantly. So, not being late, please check the video below that you can get full solution with live.

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