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    How To Insert Different Page Number In Single Microsoft Word File

    If you are using microsoft word for creating your thesis report then you must be facing some problems of page numbers. You want to create your full report from cover page to end appendixes. But due to page number issues you can't able to do it in single word file. So you are using multiple word file for single thesis report.

    To number different pages with specific page numbers, To insert different page number style (i,ii,iii or a,b,c or 1,2,3 etc) in one Microsoft word file. Normally people creates different file for cover page, table of content, list of figures or tables, main content and appendixes while creating their college or universities Thesis Writing, Proposal, Report Writings. Which makes problems due to multiple files in one paper, also makes problems while converting pdf and submitted soft copies.

    But after watching this video, i am sure that everyone can able to create a complete thesis report in single file of Microsoft word. Witch will definitely rid out from the problems facing now a days with multiple files.

    Check full video about how to number different pages in Single Word File

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