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    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks In Fastest Way

    Dice Problem is one of the important IQ question mostly appears in IQ Papers for various exams. As in Nepal, Any post like Section Officer, Na.Su. or Kharidar's First paper examinations of Lok Sewa Aayog minimum of 1 question is always asked from dice related problems.

    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks In Fastest Way

    So dice problem is one of the important topics for IQ related examinations. I found a lot of people are getting confused on dice problems. So i am here to give tricks to solve any kind of dice problems in few moments.

    There are two types of dices, natural and unnatural. Natural dices are the real ones that we found it physically, on natural dice always sum of opposite sides are 7. Like: 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4. But unnatural dices are virtually, these dices are can found in exam questions and on these unnatural dices sum of opposite sides may not equal to 7. Like opposite side of 4 can be 6.

    Here we are discussing some rules we have to remember on mind and method to find out the solutions on these most appearing cases.

    The main task you have to remember for Dice Problem:

    1. Find out opposite side of dice face.
    2. Keep mind the front and side side of top face of dice.
    3. Finding out the position of any dice face.

    These 3 rule or points is the main task you have to do for dice problem solving. And trust me its very easy and you can do it in just a moment. As example lets discuss on these most appearing 3 cases, by which you will be able to crack any problems related to dice.

    Case 1: Given Dice Map

    Example: Which Dice a or b or c is correct one according to given dice map?

    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks in Nepali
    For this kind of case, we have to find out the opposite sides of dice faces according to given dice map.

    Main Trick: 

    1. Face after Second Face will be the opposite faces of each other.
    2. Face showing in dice (like top view, front view, side view) will never be opposite to each other.

    Opposite Face of  6 is 1,
    Opposite Face of  4 is 5, (if column ends check next column)
    Opposite Face of  3 is 2,

    Now, by this truth, we will determine which dice is correct.

    Dice a: We know that opposite of 6 is 1 and it should not be shown on dice, but here 1 and 6 are showing in top and front face, so it is wrong dice.

    Dice b: We know that 4 is opposite of 5, but in dice b, face 4 and 5 both are showing, so this dice is also wrong.

    Dice c: We have correct 3 opposite sides, as that truth all opposite sides related faces are not showing in dice c, so this is the correct dice.

    Case 2: Given 3 Dices

    Example: Find out the opposites sides of all faces.

    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks in Nepali

    For this type of dice problems we will apply following trick.

    Main Trick:

    1. First find face which is repeated minimum in two dices. 
    2. Take all faces showing together with that face on both dices. Which will not be opposite of it.
    3. Then according that facts, finding opposite face.

    Here A is repeated in dice first and second. By this we can say that:
    Opposite of A is not B, C, F, D
    Opposite of A is E .
    (out of 6 faces of dice, B, C, F and D is not opposite, A face is itself and remaining face is E)

    C is repeated in first and third dice, then, 
    Opposite of C is not A, B, E, F
    Opposite of C is D.

    F is repeated in second and third dice, then,
    Opposite of F is not A, D, E, C
    Opposite of F is B

    Case 3: Only Given 2 Dices

    Example: Find out the opposite sides of all faces of given dice.

    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks in Nepali
    For this kind of cases, we follow following tricks.

    Main Tricks:

    1. Check one repeated face, and round arc from that face to last face from it.
    2. Faces on the same position of that arc will be the opposite faces to each other.

    Here on given two dices, 4 is the common face, so lets make round arc started form 4 and ended to last face.

    Dice Problem IQ Solving Tricks in Nepali
    So, as following the arc, we have
    Opposite side of face 2 is 1 (as it lies middle of arc of both dices)
    Opposite side of face 6 is 3 (as it lies end of arc of both dices)

    Now for finding out last opposite side, we use previous case method,

    As from both dices,
    Opposite of 4 is not 2, 6, 3, and 1
    Opposite side of face 4 is 5

    These are the most appearing cases on exams and after learning the main tricks of all these cases you are now able to solve any kind of dice problems. Just careful and check the questions nicely. I hope you understand all the tricks. Even if you have any queries and questions you can contact us through following mediums, we will happy to help you to support on these kinds of IQ Problems.

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