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    Auto Generate Multiple ID Cards In Microsoft Word On Single Click - Microsoft Word Trick

    Do you believe you can design professional and elegant ID Card designs in Microsoft Word. You don't need to have any graphics designing knowledge. Just using Microsoft Word you can able to create multiple of ID Cards in just single click.

    Want you to create multiple ID Cards of your Office or Business Staffs in just One Click? Then answer will be: Yes. You can easily design and generate multiple ID Cards in just a single click. And you can do this in Microsoft Word. 

    Main idea for creating auto multiple ID cards in Microsoft Word is using of Mail Merge Function of Microsoft Word. On Mail Merge there is one function of Labels. By which we are generating automatically multiple ID Cards in just Single Click.

    For this you have to prepare some things before start. First thing is you have your database of your employees or student whom you are going to generate ID Cards. Then second one is Photo, if you don't want photo on your ID card, then it is not required. But even all ID Cards, Photo is compulsory. So before we start, you have to prepare photo of all your employees or students in same size. You can do it form any photo editing tools like Photoshop or can use online free tools which helps you to make all photo sizes in same ratio in bulk.

    After then you are ready to start, then as we explained in Mail Merge Process on our earlier post, you can do mail merge steps as mentioned on earlier post. If you don't know about it. You can check it from here:

    The only thing you have to do is Design your one ID Card, Again, yes you are right, just design only one ID Card and it will be auto populate how many records you have in your database. If you have millions of records in your database, then Microsoft Word will generate millions of copy of ID Cards with respective record details for you in your single click.

    So lets start, how to do for this. For your easier here is full video tutorial to Auto Generate Multiple ID Card In Microsoft Word on Single Click. Check the video below:

    Auto Generate Multiple ID Cards In Microsoft Word On Single Click

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